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A.    Goals and Objectives

For Fiscal    Year   1984,   the   Department's   principal    objectives    were   to:
o     Recompete contracts for two Curriculum Coordination Centers;

o Produce inforroation for planning, policy developments and State evalua-
tions of local programs;

o     Develop State and local  leaders through conferences  and workshops;

o     Package and disseminate information; and

o      Initiate several  special  projects to address new national  needs,

B.    Progress and Accomplishments

During FY 1984, the major accomplishments were:

o Contracts were competed for two Curriculum Coordination Centers and re-
awarded to Mississippi State University (Southeastern CCC) and to the
Oklahoma State Department of Education (Midwest CCC).

o  NCRVE issued reports on:

    Displaced workers;

--   The effects   of   alternative   learning  environments   on   basic  skill

acquisition and retention by vocational   students;
--   A   strategy  to  teach   vocational   teachers   about   new technologies;

    Defense industrial  base training requirements;
--   Transitions between education and work;

    Anticipating developments likely to influence vocational  education;

   Teacher instructional behaviors related to student engaged time; and

    Business, industry, and labor involvement in evaluating and planning

vocational  education programs.

o NCRVE held 92 conferences and workshops in 32 States for 3,760 voca-
tional education leaders. Its Advanced Study Center hosted 2 post-
doctoral fellows, and 21 resident scholars participated in the National
Academy for Vocational Education. The six Curriculum Coordination
Centers provided training and leadership development to the 57 State
liaison representatives who in turn held awareness sessions and in-
service training workshops for 20,665 people. NOICC trained State
officials to teach others how to use the Vocational Preparation and
Occupations handbook.

o     The following information packaging and dissemination occurred:

The NCRVE Clearinghouse added over 500 State products to improve
programs to the Resources in Vocational Education data system which
now has more than 3500 entries.4r further information